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Yako Yoga

Yako Yoga Yako Yoga

30-45 min
  • Mats
  • Brick
  • Rubber band (recommended but compulsory)
  • 1 breath
  • 1 warm-up
  • 1 flow
  • 1 challenge
  • 1 meditation

Yako Yoga

What is yoga?

  • Focusing on postures and breathing (pranayamas), yoga is a discipline that stretches every area of the body, loosens up the nervous/b> system and brings physical and mental balance to each practitioner.
  • Body exercises, breathing practices and meditation harmonise body and mind.
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Who is it for?

  • Accessible to all, regardless of gender, age, weight or sporting ability.
  • For beginners: Various options are available throughout the session.
  • For the more experienced: Perfect your placement techniques.

What's in it for you?

  • To learn how to breathe more easily (to reduce stress and boost concentration)
  • To make many parts of the body more supple and gently strengthen deep muscles (perineum, abdominal belt)
  • Improve posture and mobility (stretch the back and spine)
  • Better understand and strengthen your balance
  • Discover your body, mind and breathing


Yako Yoga
  • Concept release date: 2022
  • Choreographer's entry date to the concept: 2022
  • Number of editions by the end of 2023: 9