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of course creation

  • 2000YAKO PumpLaunch of YAKO Pump
  • 2005YAKO AttitudeLaunch of YAKO Attitude
  • 2006YAKO JumpLaunch of YAKO Jump
  • 2009YAKO CombatLaunch of YAKO Combat
  • 2010y bailaLaunch of YAKO Baila
  • 2012YAKO BikingLaunch of YAKO Biking
  • 2014YAKO IntensaLaunch of YAKO Intensa
  • 2015YAKO UpLaunch of YAKO Up
  • 2016YAKO ChallengeLaunch of YAKO Challenge
  • 2017YAKO BoxingLaunch of YAKO Boxing
  • 2019YAKO 360Launch of YAKO 360
  • 2022YAKO MooveLaunch of YAKO Moove
  • 2022YAKO YogaLaunch of YAKO Yoga
  • 2023YAKO PilatesLaunch of YAKO Pilates

Yako, the human fitness
course project