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Jessica DUNO


Jessica has been in the fitness business for almost 25 years.

Her leitmotiv is action!

A former gymnast, her first passion is freestyle!

Whether in the gym, on the podium, in France and abroad, or with university students, she lives and transmits her passion at 200 miles an hour!

In 2006, she began training in the Pilates method: rigour and precision, the link with her past as a gymnast.

10 years later, another obvious step was to become manager of her own Pilates Studio: Le Loft 19 since October 2017.

At the same time, she discovered the world of Martial Arts through her collaboration with a Taekwondo Master. Once again, the links are made between this practice and her sporting and professional past. The circle is complete!

Choreographer of Yako Combat since 2014, she’s sure to awaken the warrior in you!

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